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Germany Deutschland Flag Yellow Black Reversible Lanyard


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Soft polyester material that will not chafe or scratch your skin. Great lanyard for auto keys, house keys, work id badges, school id badges and more.

Brand: Eastex

Manufacturer: Eastex

Material: Polyester strap, hard plastic buckle, metal clasp

Length: 20” from top to bottom

Width: 3/4 inch wide strap

Lanyard Made Right Just for You!
Why is this Deutschland Germany Flag Lanyard all that you need?

- Double-Stitched Lanyard -
A cut above conventional single-stitched lanyards, this keychain lanyard is double-stitched at the loop ends to carry more weight without going kaput.

- Large Loop -
Badge lanyard has a combined length of 34-inches to easily slip over the head. Length is not too short nor too long - attachments hang around the navel.

- Quick Release Buckle -
Comes with a detachable buckle to easily remove car keys, house keys, school ID badges, work badges.

- Double Sided Printing -
Reversible and can be worn either black or yellow side showing - lanyard black or lanyard yellow? Match it with your outfit.

- All Day Wearable -
Wear at the start of day and remove when the day ends. This neck keychain strap can be worn indefinitely thanks to its cottony-like material.

- Easy, Washable Material -
This polyester key lanyard can be hand or machine washed in warm water using all purpose detergent and dry cleaned.

- Holds Multiple Items -
Clip is sturdier and thicker to hold multiple attachments at the same time. Carry keys, ID card, badges, name tags, usb flash drive, passport, whistle, compass, ticket, camera, phone, wallet.

- A Perfect Memento -
Neck lanyards make perfect stocking stuffer, gifts for students, teachers, office worker, nurse, coach, and sports fan.